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At Vodafone India, our customers are at th​e heart of everything we do. That’s why over 210 million Indians have chosen to stay connected with us.​

Our knowledge of global best practices along with our deep exposure to local markets has made us leaders in the telecommunications industry. Since commencing operations in 2007, we have consistently been awarded for our best-in-class network, powerful brand, unique distribution and unmatched customer service. Whether an individual or enterprise, our customers always receive world-class services that cater to their needs.

Vodafone Group Vision​

Our Vision is to be the communication leader in an increasingly connected world.

Vodafone India Vision​

At Vodafone India, the need to engage in responsible practices is led by an intense desire to contribute positively towards the three pillars of sustainability and CSR – Social, Economic and Environmental. The Mission, Vision and Values of the organisation clearly reflect its commitment, not only to the direct stakeholders but also to the society, in which it operates.

‘Vodafone Cares’ is the platform that ingrates all the good that Vodafone India does for the society. All the social initiatives undertaken are categorised under the three pillars of Education, Empowerment and Environment(3Es) on which the ‘Vodafone Cares’ platform rests. These 3Es align the organisation’s efforts towards being a socially responsible company and to make a meaningful difference to its employees, customers and the community at large.

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The 3 key pillars of Vodafone Cares



Meaningful participation of communities at large, in finding and implementing solutions for sustainable development is not possible without education, for it develops skills, knowledge and values, which are priceless possessions that help shape the future of the country. Vodafone India aims to create awareness among its stakeholders for a better tomorrow. It believes in nurturing a ‘safety-first’ approach by facilitating education and enabling means through which, sustainable development can be achieved. Several programs have been initiated under this pillar to achieve the desired impact.



Positively impacted by the transformative technology for development, over 900 million users in India alone are getting empowered by using mobiles. It provides a significant opportunity to drive social change, facilitate crucial access to information and knowledge to all, at an extremely affordable cost. Vodafone India aims to empower communities and contribute towards transforming societies. The initiatives under the Empowerment pillar are focused towards enhancing access to information, empowering women, developing the community and promoting social livelihood.